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Tour of the Renaissance Rome

Rome of the Popes is the city of the Renaissance: after centuries of desertion and decadence the city was eventually rebuilt.
The discovery of the Renaissance Rome should start from Saint Peter’s Cathedral’s Dome. This excellent achievement of human craft and architecture was made by the best artists of the time: BramanteRaffaelloSangallo and Michelangelo.
Their wisdom and craft is everywhere in the Vatican Museums, in the private Raphael’s Rooms as well as in the Sistine Chapel. You must pay a visit, and to avoid queuing you can buy admission tickets with a guided tour from one of our partners.
When you exit the Vatican Museum walk down the wall, the so called Bastioni di Michelangelo, once you reach number 25 you will have found Flashback photographic studio. Here you can dress up like Michelangelo, Pope Julius II, Lucretia Borgia and shoot an artistic unforgettable portrait of your Roman journey.
So much fun and so many activities! You now deserve a snack: savoury lovers should try the real Italian sandwich at 200°’s, the others a rich ice cream at the Old Bridge.
You can keep strolling along the narrow streets of Borgo, a quarter where you can still find artisans of old times and buy sweets and traditional cakes at the confectionery shop Muzzichi.
Without even noticing you will be staring at the majestic Castle Sant’Angelo. What once was the mausoleum of the emperor Hadrian was then turned into a military fortress by architect Sangallo to fulfill the will of Pope Alexander VI Borgia. However, the Pope wanted his private apartment to be enriched with frescoes and hired as good as an artist Pinturicchio.
After few decades the Castle witnessed one of the most gruesome page of Roman history: the deadly execution of the alleged parricide young lady Beatrice Benci in the square in front of the fortress.
On top of your discovery of the Renaissance Rome why not having dinner in the Jewish area, the Ghetto, which dates back to that age? At Ba’ghetto restaurant you can taste the exquisite recipes of the past. But be careful, their offer of mouth-watering food is so varied that you might eat too much.
If you feel like wandering a bit to digest, you can head towards the Theatre of Marcello and climb on top of the Capitol Hill where you can admire the splendor of the Roman Forum by night.

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