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Products and prices

The price for a photo shoot includes the period costume, styling and 5 shots with a high resolution camera. One of the shots will be printed on a high quality antique effect photographic paper size A4 After 15 minutes you will leave the Flashback studio with your portrait in a period picture frame.

Photo shoot pricing:

  • 1 person, 1 copy € 22

  • 2 persons, 1 copy € 34

  • 3/5 persons, 1 copy € 38

  • 6/8 persons, 2 copies € 60

if you want an extra A4 copy of your photo, the additional cost is € 10.

If you want to have all the photo shots on a CD, so you can print them by yourself, the additional cost is € 30.

A magnet can make a fun gift for your relatives or friends!
We will print your photos on magnets covered with special photographic paper for an additional cost of €18 for 9 magnets (6×8 cm) or 4 magnets (9×13 cm).

Let yourself lead through the whole year by a calendar full of memories from your experience: an A3 calendar with your photo costs € 20.

You can send your relatives or friends a greeting card with your photograph: €10 for 2 photo greeting cards (9×13 cm).

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